Summer Gardens: Representational and Abstract

July 10, 2017 - September 1, 2017

From July 6 to September 1 Nancy Hoffman will show works of gardens, flowers, nature in abundance as well as abstractions that suggest the efflorescence of summer in their green glowing palette. On view will be a 1996 Carolyn Brady watercolor of one of the famous English gardens, Hestercombe. A monumental depiction of the entry gate enticing the viewer into the richness of nature that has made Hestercombe one of the most visited English gardens. A 1993 David Bierk is a lushly painted oil of blossoming cherry trees celebrating the beginning of summer. Joseph Raffael’s new watercolor Peony for Reuben is a peony bud about to blossom with water droplets glistening on its bulbous form, green leaves, the color of summer heat, surround the fuchsia bud. Linda Mieko Allen’s Figmenta XIII feels like lazy days of summer with accents of orange, yellow, fuchsia, blue on a green ground that ranges from bright light green to brighter as if bathed in summer sun.

Included in the exhibition are representational works by: David Bierk, Carolyn Brady, Timothy Cummings, Don Eddy, Nathalia Edenmont, Michael Gregory, Joseph Raffael, Bill Richards, Jim Sullivan.Abstract works by Linda Mieko Allen, Katerina Lanfranco, Lynn McCarty.

The exhibition is comprised of many media: oil paintings, watercolors, graphite drawings, photographs, acrylic paintings, glass tableaux, and cutouts.

For additional information and/or photographs, please call the gallery at 212-966-6676 or e-mail .

With best wishes for the summer,

Nancy Hoffman