Viola Frey:

Bigger, Better, More: The Art of Viola Frey

Davira S. Taragin and Patterson Sims with Susan Jefferies

©2009 Racine Art Museum

133 pages

At times a painter, sculptor, and photographer, but always a ceramicist, Viola Frey found inspiration in flea-market castoffs and curiosities. She was an integral player in the revolutionary artistic innovations taking place in the Northern California Bay Area during the latter part of the twentieth century.


Viola Frey:

A Lasting Legacy

by Kenneth R. Trapp

©2005 Nancy Hoffman Gallery

38 pages

A lasting legacy includes a selection of the final works created by the artist in 2003 and 2004 before her untimely death in Oakland in 2004. In her seven decades, Viola Frey lived life to the fullest. She leaves behind an impressive body of art that deserves ongoing re-evaluation.
— Kenneth R. Trapp


Viola Frey:

Plates 1968-1994

by Donald Kuspit

©1995 Nancy Hoffman Gallery

40 pages

Each plate is like a different dream, Frey’s dreams run in a series.
— Donald Kuspit