Color: The Splendor of

August 5 — 30, 2013

To celebrate summer Nancy Hoffman Gallery opens a group show entitled “Color: The Splendor Of” on August 5th, continuing through August 30th. Summer hours at Nancy Hoffman Gallery are Monday through Friday from 10-5. Tuesday through Saturday hours from 10-6 resume on September 3.

Included in the exhibition are paintings, watercolors, sculpture, photographs, video, and drawings. Among artists in the show are:

Linda Mieko Allen, Joan Bankemper, Carolyn Brady, Howard Buchwald, Colette Calascione, Timothy Cummings, Rupert Deese, Purdy Eaton, Don Eddy, Viola Frey, Michael Gregory, Gregory Halili, Katerina Lanfranco, Lynn McCarty, Frank Owen,
Peter Plagens, Michele Pred, Rick Purdy, Joseph Raffael, Asya Reznikov, Jesse Small, Robert Zakanitch

The “splendor” and joy of color parallel sensations of the season filled with heat, sun, and outdoor pleasures. Frank Owen’s 10x12 foot diptych “Herald” is symbolic of the exhibition and delivers the punch of color regally. A multi-paletted abstract work of heroic scale, color is a major consideration as the artist composes his work over months of painting, building up layers of acrylic in verso. Embraced by the warmth of its colors the viewer comes away from “Herald” with the sensation of satiety, not unlike having had an exquisitely balanced alchemical meal, or having heard a perfectly played symphony, and wanting more.

For additional information and/or photographs, please call 212-966-6676 or email

Wishing you a happy summer,

Nancy Hoffman