Black and White

April 14 - May 21, 2011

“Black and White,” an exhibition of gallery artists, including drawing, painting, photography and sculpture, opens in Nancy Hoffman’s Project Space on April 14 and continues through May 21.

Incorporating works from the ‘70s to today, the works in this exhibition eschew color and sing forth in black and white. Ranging from images of nature such as Joseph Raffael’s ink drawing of a hydrangea, Bill Richards’s graphite fern swamps with flowers and Jim Sullivan’s graphite tree trunks to abstractions, such as Howard Buchwald’s curving sinuous strokes and Frank Owen’s jotting-like gestural drawings, the works on paper offer gradations of the black and white palette as well as gradations of image and idea.

Mark Calderon’s patina-ed black bronze sculpture of an octopus, tentacles outspread in balletic motion, is a counterpoint to the two-dimensional works. Michael Gregory’s iconic black and white oil painting of a barn, a quintessential American image, is bolder without the colors of nature. Liséa Lyons’s poetic triptych photographs capture a young barefoot girl in a long tulle ballerina dress, as she dashes from the side of a sleek car, another symbol of American culture. Gregory Halili’s “Eyes,” an ensemble of 20 miniature watercolors on vintage pre-ban ivory, is the visual equivalent of a musical composition, each his wife’s eye, each a different gaze.

These are among the works included in the exhibition. For further information and/or photographs please call 212-966-6676 or email Nancy Hoffman Gallery at

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Nancy Hoffman