Ilan Averbuch: Reflections

The Open Museum, Omer Industrial Park, Israel

© 2013

100 pages

The power of Ilan Averbuch’s sculpture’s stems, to a large degree, from their unconventional physical dimensions. Like Brancusi’s “Endless Column”(1973), which rises towards the sky, Avebuch’s sculptures invite the viewer to gaze upwards.

Ilan Averbuch: Public Projects

© 2010 Edizioni Charta, Milano

93 pages


IIan Averbuch: Sculpture and Drawing

© 1997 The Open Museum, Tefen, Israel

92 pages


The Monumental Archaelogue:

IIan Averbuch’s Sculpture

by Donald Kuspit

© 1990 IIan Averbuch

64 pages