Lanfranco’s 2009 gallery installation entitled “Below a Sea of Stars” was inspired by her fascination with the living world around her and her experience of working in the Entomology Department at the Royal Ontario Museum in 2000.  

Lanfranco says: “The seeds of inspiration for ‘Below a Sea of Stars’ were planted a long time ago.  I remember being struck by the unusual and beautiful forms of sea anemones and jellyfish during a childhood visit to the Monterey Bay Aquarium.  I marveled at Hubble Space Telescope images that documented unparalleled elegant forms emerging out of an incomprehensible cosmos.  Later, as I swam in the ocean looking out into the vanishing horizon contemplating this, my peripheral vision filled with the meeting of sea and sky, leading me to the central theme, the conflation of deep space and deep sea.”

“Below a Sea of Stars” comprised a giant sea-like space creature with some ancestral relationship to an octopus with tentacles sewn of sea foam green fabric, spiky yet soft, surrounded by a white exoskeletal pod; a glass installation “Constellations,” (among other individual glass sculptures of imagined life forms fusing the galaxies and the deep blue sea). Lanfranco says: “(‘Constellations’ functions both at micro and macro levels and slides between representing cosmic forms and deep sea specimens;” several large oil paintings and a series of black and white botanical cutouts.