Judy Fox is a sculptor who works in New York.  After studying art as an undergraduate at Yale (BA 1978) and Skowhegan, she received advanced degrees in Art History (MA 1983) and Conservation (1985) from the Institute of Fine Arts, NYU.  She has been a speaker and visiting artist at various institutions and conferences in the U.S. and abroad, and is currently a Senior Critic and professor at the New York Academy of Art.

Ms. Fox started showing in the East Village in 1985, pioneering painted figuration with her finely rendered nude children in mythological poses and period coiffure.  Her crossing of psychology and physiognomy also takes the form of surrealist creatures.  Like the figures, they are rendered with lyricism and wit born of intimate knowledge of biological form and substance. 

Installations are suites of individual works that together use reference, myth, and transformation to reflect upon contemporary concerns.  Both The figurative and surrealist works tease out the interpenetration of what we love and what we fear in culture and biology:  cultural icon and stereotype; flowers and guts, perfection and mutation.

The Figure